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Verner Markussen was born in Denmark in 1935 and died in 2010. But contrary to many other artists he was born into a very 'non-artistic' family without interest in art and other creative activities whatsoever.

Not until joining the Royal Danish Air Force did he get into contact with art. Here he found a friend, whose father was the excellent Danish painter Poul Rytter (1895-1965). During several stays at his friend's home his eyes were opened to a completely new world. It inspired him in a way he had never experienced before - and he started painting.

He continued painting for some years in his early twenties at the same time working overseas as a radio operator in the Danish Merchant Navy. Later he went to art schools in Copenhagen.

But then came marriage, children, establishing of home, house building, leisure sailing and a number of different jobs in book-keeping, salesmanship, translating, copywriting, creative advertising and whatever other activities that can take up a man's time.

Add to this a lot of travelling around the World and a self-made safari-tour from Denmark via Morocco, Algeria, through the Sahara desert, Mali, Burkina Fasso, Benin and Togo ending at the Gold Coast.

All this resulted in a "artistic break" of 30 years. But when, at the age of 62, he moved to Luxembourg and married for the third time, he felt that the time had come to take up the brushes and put colours on canvas again.

This resulted in a great number of paintings - plus several successful exhibitions in Luxembourg, Denmark, Germany and Spain. However, after more than a decade in Luxembourg, the time was ripe for new challenges and new inspiration. He and his wife therefore moved to Denmark where he now lives and works in his atelier at Christianshavn - in the heart of the Copenhagen.

Basically he is an autodidact painter, but much knowledge and inspiration have been obtained from painting courses in Denmark by the well-known Danish painter Gerda Swane (1930-2004), and in Luxembourg, where he has joined painting courses by the Luxembourgish painter Schosch Mayer at Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers, and by the Polish painter Lydia Markiewiz at Lycée de Bonnevoie.

Also courses by the British painters, Tony Paul and Brian Ryder at the West Norfolk Arts Centre in England, and by the painter Georges Briata in France, have contributed to ongoing development and inspiration

Lycée de Bonnevoie - Luxembourg
Centre Universitaire de Luxembourg - Luxembourg
Artium Art Gallery - Luxembourg
Scandinavian Company - Luxembourg
Atelier Witt - Denmark
Centre Culturel Edward Steichen - Luxembourg
Resto l'Amphitryon - Luxembourg
Gallery Sala Barna, Barcelona – Spain
Marb-Art Contemporáneo, Marbella - Spain
Frankfurt Book Fair - Germany
Gallery Sala Barna, Barcelona – Spain
Øksnehallen, Copenhagen - Denmark
Frankfurt Book Fair - Germany

Museum of the Americas, Florida - USA
Gallery Siig, Hvam/Silkeborg - Denmark
Gallery Sala Barna, Barcelona - Spain

Kulturspinderiet, Silkeborg - Denmark
Gallery Filébos', Hasle, Bornholm - Denmark
Artville Art Fair, Copenhagen - Denmark

Main Library, Aalborg - Denmark
Art at Christianshavns Square - Denmark
House of Culture, Arden - Denmark

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